Bebeshore is the story of two mothers, one of them an architect and a designer and the other – a fashionista. Both shared the passion to dress children in beautifully crafted simple clothes and both were inspired by minimalist design and architecture.

They both know that dressing kids can be a challenge despite the abundance of options available. You want them to be comfortable and cozy, but you want them to be special as well. This is how Bebeshore was created for all you parents that feel the same and want to share your taste and personal style with your children and show them the beauty of simplistic aesthetic.

Because these clothes are for babies, we use only high-quality natural fabrics like organic cotton and 100% soft cotton. Bebeshore integrates basic colours and urban design mixed together with a personal touch creating a unique and deconstructed look that enhances the sweetness of that age. All clothes are designed and handcrafted in Bulgaria by us. They are for kids that are playful, cute and cool. We call them bebsters.

Your bebster will grow in smart and easy-to-wear clothes with soft fabrics of high quality, which give freedom of movement. Minimalist design, organic and 100% soft cotton, a casual-chic look, refined details, a little bit fun, more tenderness, this is what sets Bebeshore apart from the rest.

Yet Bebeshore is not only about clothes, we also commit to create social events with the “On the shore” project. We are passionate about finding artists who share our ideas and welcome them on our shore in order to design a new and fun world for children. We believe that together we will be able to breathe new life into kids fashion.