Coppa della Maga

Coppa della Maga

Bebeshore is not only about clothes, we also commit to create social events with the “On the shore” project. We are passionate about finding artists who share our ideas and welcome them on our shore in order to design a new and fun world for children.

And thus, our favorite magicians from Coppa della Maga, have taken their comfortable seat next to us on the shore. For two days (22-23.04) bebeshore will find refuge on #4 Han Krum street at the shop Brave Moustache, where you can explore our new collection Spring – Summer 2017 while enjoying the unique ice creams of Coppa della Maga.

salmon & grapefruit

But why Coppa della Maga? Because as we use only high-quality natural fabrics like organic cotton and 100% soft cotton for our clothes, Coppa della Maga is made of entirely 100% natural ingredients, no artificial ingredients, no eggs and soy products, gluten free and the most important of all- sugar free and the natural sweetener stevia instead.

And because, bite after bite, they manage to overwhelm all our senses by surprising us with unique tastes such as grapefruit and bergamot, sesame and honey, yogurt with rose petals and many more, they have taken a lasting place in our hearts.

coconut & anchors

And, taking care for the inner and outer side of the bebsters, we invite you to share a weekend together, in-between the countless spring festivities, to welcome the coming summer, with the little ones transformed in soft colors and with a cup of ice cream in hand. More information about our event you can find here.

P.S. We were just about to forget to mention that all of this was created with a big portion of Love.

lime & pistachio